Why we do what we do

At Dixons, our mission is to challenge educational and social disadvantage in the North. We believe that every child, regardless of background, should have access to an exceptional education. Through our 17 schools across Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, we focus on developing high performing academies which maximise attainment, value diversity, develop character and build cultural capital.

Everything we do at Dixons is focused on our mission and values: we are committed to making a difference where it matters most, working in areas in the North of England where children are adversely affected by social and educational disadvantage.

Our schools are a mix of sponsored turnaround academies and new free schools. Currently, we have 11 secondary schools, 3 primary, 2 all through and a standalone sixth form academy, with ambitious growth plans over the next five years.

Our culture

Crafting school culture begins with the mission of the school; it is the sky that generates the daily climate, it should be what we can all see and feel no matter where we are in the organisation or who we are talking toFamilies and visitors should feel its warmth every time they are with us.  

In developing our culture, we have tried to take the best ideas from academies, schools, the independent sector and abroad and combine them with what we know works from our own past experiences. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategies or practices; there is no silver bullet. It is about being values driven, having clear vision, focusing relentlessly on results, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day, and building strong relationships at all levels.

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Insight and Onsite

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